Last weekend I went for a hike with my friend Tess. The wildflowers were out of control. My holga camera, although it’s filled with charm doesn’t do the colors justice. They were electric! The experience overall was peaceful to say the least and hiking is my where I find my spirit…always…without fail.

Today I worked in our garden. Digging in the dirt, stopping to watch the dragonflies, letting a spider crawl over my foot, even though I’m terrified of spiders. All of this also brings me into a meditative state where that moment is exactly the way it should be and absolutely perfect.

Recognizing these gifts we share with the earth I want to give my gratitude with some thoughts on how we can thank mother earth not only with words but with actions…

Ride bikes. I love this quote from T.C. Boyle from the book Wild Child. “They were all stalled at the lights, a single driver in every car, the cars themselves like steel shells they’d extruded to contain their resentments.” I am a much happier person when I ride my bike.

No need for plastic bags. I love this bike bag by Ninu. Fun alternatives to plastic bags by ecoFlair.

Know the story behind what we buy. Our money can be powerful if we choose to use it wisely. Stewart + Brown has a very clairvoyant socially and ecologically sound story. If the story is unclear check out  Better World Shopper for a tally on who’s paying attention and who’s not. Also, if you eat fish this is a must have Seafood Watch Pocket Guide.

Get crafty, be creative with what we have. This woman wore the same black dress for an entire year The Uniform Project.