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I came across this painting today in one of my old journals. It’s a watercolor I did from a photo of my dad and I on a ski lift. My dad has the kindest eyes.


Beautiful. Kelly Lynn Jones.

Vain and Vapid

As I was doing some research for a Tango design I’m working on, I stumbled upon this video.

Until lately I didn’t know who Joan Baez was. I knew some of her songs but knew nothing about her. I just watched the documentary¬† How Sweet the Sound. Now I’m completely enamored. Not only is she a folk legend and a naturally stunning beauty but she was a mighty force in the civil rights movement as well as a life long human rights activist as a pacifist. Even though she lived and breathed a non-violent approach to solving conflict that didn’t stop her from putting herself smack dab in the middle of harms way to reach the people. The film was beautifully done and touched me in a way that no other movie about war or conflict ever has.

Inspired by the Pioneer Cabin in Sun Valley, ID. Found via 1. Bows + Arrows 2. Anica Boutique 3. Need Supply 4. Toast 5. Need Supply 6. Toast

So I’ve been taking pictures of some jewelry that I recently made. I’m creating a little clothing & jewelry collection. As I was taking pictures, I started going crazy with all the rocks, feathers and sticks I have laying around. This is what I ended up with.

Valerie Lueth via Tugboat Printshop

Alexandra Steele via My Love For You.

Magical photos by Lauren Treece.