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Inspired by a magical winter via Poppytalk. Found via 1. Magpie & Rye 2. Totokaelo 3. Totokaelo 4. Magpie & Rye 5. Magpie & Rye 6. Frances May


Today I’m lucky enough to be working with a beautiful view of the snow falling. Picture found on Vain and Vapid

Now that I’m coming down off my stress high, I’m ready to dive into relaxation. We’re off to Ojo Calliente to soak in some magical pools, explore New Mexico and celebrate my girlfriend Terry’s 30th birthday. As Terry would say, “don’t forget to bring your fun times.”

I can’t believe I haven’t posted this yet. This our most prized possession…a bed that my dad built with the help of his lovely wife Jill. My dad is an amazing artist and craftsman and with the help of Jill, an artist as well, created this masterpiece reflecting the silhouette of the Tetons. The wood is a collection of different scraps from different jobs. I am humbled in the presence of this bed.

I love the movement in these photos Erica Tanov

Love this holiday decor idea found on Apartment Therapy

Check out these amazing videos by Leif Peterson. I’ve been observing a lot of spiritual elements coming through in design, art and fashion. Spiritual in the way of nature, the universe, peace and the unknown.  I’m into it.

The New York Times just wrote a great article about my home town, Sun Valley, ID. My favorite part is that they featured the Gold Mine Thrift Store as the place to go “refresh your look.” Way to keep it real!

I love these hand embroidered Turkish pillows by: Sukan

I just found this picture of myself, I wish I could feel like this all the time.