I’m in a funk today, I know that’s a natural part of the process and I’m okay with it. I am a dreamer and it’s the dreaming that keeps me going. Sometimes I feel like I’m in my groove and tapping into my full creative potential. Other times, I feel I’ve lost my rhythm. Last night at hip hop, I definitely couldn’t find my rhythm. That said I am living my dream everyday. I have a sweet connection to my friends, my family, nature and I am exploring my creative potential everyday. I guess the bigger picture is reaching a point where you have unlimited freedom, resources and respect to explore and develop your ideas for a large audience. That is something to look forward to. The other day when I was hiking with Indie(my dog) I was watching her explore the forest, aware of every scent and sound, completely free to run wild and emanating a happiness that was so pure, she was 100% in her element. I compare that feeling to my dream of fully reaching my potential. Freedom to run wild!