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A girl can dream. Via Ferns and Moss


love love love this photo via Street Style Aesthetic

Vintage Fashion Magazines

I just designed this website in collaboration with SOS Communications. Agents 99 is a marketing company geared towards effecting social and environmental positive change. It’s good stuff, check it out!

The thing I love most about my work is sharing in people’s passions. I’m a huge fan of people following their own intuition and finding their own niche in this crazy world. When clients come to me, I get to share in their enthusiasm for a new concept that they are usually wildly excited about putting into the world. I’m inspired everyday by people’s ideas in art, design, style, sustainability, health…I love the challenge of capturing the unique essence of each individual client and presenting them in the best possible light.

The beautiful print above is by: Tamara Lichtenstein

Oh Toast, how you take me away.

Beauuutiful! Bona Drag

Check out these photos I just took for The Vickerey gals put together a sweet little campaign and I was stoked to be a part of it. Go team!

I just launched a new website Zyla Jewelry. The designer came to me with some beautiful jewelry and needed a creative way to present it. I envisioned three collections, Mountain, Ocean and Peace to reveal her inspiration and convey the message of peace she wishes to share through her art. In addition to art directing this concept I also did the design and programming for her site. You can view more of my art direction concepts here.

This blog and this dog are out of control cute!