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I’ve been admiring Filly Designs for a while now. I love her design aesthetic matched with her choice of models and styling. She captures such a simplistic beauty and raw energy. It’s no surprise when you read her blog, she expresses her most intimate thoughts and it’s a very inspiring look into a designers mind, not glossing over the hard stuff but bringing light to the whole process.


Yowza! Stunning energy, textiles, texture and composition behind all of these photos by: Mark Pillai, Sylist: Claudia Carretti and Model: Masha Kirsanova. Found on Blue Pool Road.

I’ll be in lala land for the next 9 days. Looking forward to surf and sand and swooning over my girlfriends. Image source unknown.

As I was doing some research for a vintage California chic design I’m working on, I found Birds of Ohio an AMAZING blog and website with a sweet collection of vintage patterns.

Oh so stylish, and French, of course! Sessun

This is cool. Inspired color palettes by The Color Collective.

Beautiful jewelry and photography by Gemeg, love their logo too.

We saw Zion I and Grouch this weekend. This video is a great interview with them talking about their process.  It’s rare that you see live music that’s so right on you can’t stop moving with the beat until they’re done. In addition to carrying a flawless rhythm they leave you feeling inspired with their message.

Check out this fun Boho Chic collection from Vickerey. I took the shots and my friend Courtney rocked the font choices. I call her the font goddess.