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Brilliant concept and styling by Carline Van Oel


I have a vintage Bianchi that I absolutely love. Unfortunately it was run over by a trailer at the farmers market this summer. I’ve been looking for a replacement and I’m discovering it’s harder than I thought to find a bike with that much style, they just don’t make em like that anymore! I did, however find this line of bikes by Bianchi which hit the mark for me, although they must be popular because they’re hard to come by.

A friend also turned me on to Sweetpea Bicycles, custom designed for women out of Portland, OR. I’m loving their look!

I’m off to run wild in Idaho. Be back in a few days.

I made an outdoor chandelier out of twigs, flowers and candles! It was part of a beautiful party my girlfriends and I threw for our soul sister friend Jenn.

Inspired by Aspen. Found via 1. Need Supply 2. Sketchbook 3. Frances May 4. Bonadrag 5. Totokaelo 6. Stewart + Brown

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I just took some photos for a local clothing designer, PeaceRobe by: Vistara. This is a sneak peak at her latest collection which will be on-line soon.


Contemporary handmade designs by artisans and crafters in Africa – Deep Dark Africa

My favorite part of summer in the mountains is wildflowers. I’m going to surround myself with them this weekend. Picture by: LOLren

Totokaelo has got it goin’ on with their styling!

I love this photography for Dear Rae Jewelry. Found on the lovely blog Size too Small.