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I made an outdoor chandelier out of twigs, flowers and candles! It was part of a beautiful party my girlfriends and I threw for our soul sister friend Jenn.


I just took some photos for a local clothing designer, PeaceRobe by: Vistara. This is a sneak peak at her latest collection which will be on-line soon.

I just developed some pictures I took in Puerto Rico with my holga camera. Tropical sun does the holga good.

I just did some photography and styling for A refreshed take on scarves.

Some tid bits of treasure from my trip to Puerto Rico…

1. Da House in Old Town San Juan is an artsy, funky little hotel located in the heart of all the action.

2. Old Town San Juan is rich with character…narrow cobble stone streets, bright Spanish-colonial architecture and quaint little coffee shops and restaurants.

3. (Food) Majorcas, a swiss cheese sandwich covered in powered sugar, a new addiction. We were over served the most colorful and delicious sangria ever.

4. The Island of Culebra is a rustic and wild island where there is plenty of room to roam and feel removed from everything.

5. Flamenco beach was named one of the 10 ten beaches in the world. I believe it.

6. The door to our magical tree house in the rainforest.

7. El Yunque rainforest, were we lost our breath taking a dip under a waterfall.

8. One of the few houses on Culebra “the peach house”, there are no addresses here.

A new design for H Coaching,  just launched in collaboration with SOS Communications.

I helped out my friend Anna Marie with her website and branding for her jewelry business Spence and Spry. She just sent me one of her sweet textural thread necklaces along with the biz cards I designed for her. I’m happy with the way the cards turned out.

Check out this fun Boho Chic collection from Vickerey. I took the shots and my friend Courtney rocked the font choices. I call her the font goddess.

I just designed this website in collaboration with SOS Communications. Agents 99 is a marketing company geared towards effecting social and environmental positive change. It’s good stuff, check it out!

Check out these photos I just took for The Vickerey gals put together a sweet little campaign and I was stoked to be a part of it. Go team!