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I’m off to run wild in Idaho. Be back in a few days.


I made an outdoor chandelier out of twigs, flowers and candles! It was part of a beautiful party my girlfriends and I threw for our soul sister friend Jenn.

I saw my first rattle snake in Colorado yesterday!  My girlfriend and I, tired of busy trails and leash laws went on a hunt for a new trail. We found a beautiful spot away from it all. The crazy part is, we were literally talking about rattle snakes when a few moments later, I stopped dead in my tracks with the snake 20 feet in front of us. We were able to safely skirt around it and all is well.

Some tid bits of treasure from my trip to Puerto Rico…

1. Da House in Old Town San Juan is an artsy, funky little hotel located in the heart of all the action.

2. Old Town San Juan is rich with character…narrow cobble stone streets, bright Spanish-colonial architecture and quaint little coffee shops and restaurants.

3. (Food) Majorcas, a swiss cheese sandwich covered in powered sugar, a new addiction. We were over served the most colorful and delicious sangria ever.

4. The Island of Culebra is a rustic and wild island where there is plenty of room to roam and feel removed from everything.

5. Flamenco beach was named one of the 10 ten beaches in the world. I believe it.

6. The door to our magical tree house in the rainforest.

7. El Yunque rainforest, were we lost our breath taking a dip under a waterfall.

8. One of the few houses on Culebra “the peach house”, there are no addresses here.

I’ll be in lala land for the next 9 days. Looking forward to surf and sand and swooning over my girlfriends. Image source unknown.

The thing I love most about my work is sharing in people’s passions. I’m a huge fan of people following their own intuition and finding their own niche in this crazy world. When clients come to me, I get to share in their enthusiasm for a new concept that they are usually wildly excited about putting into the world. I’m inspired everyday by people’s ideas in art, design, style, sustainability, health…I love the challenge of capturing the unique essence of each individual client and presenting them in the best possible light.

The beautiful print above is by: Tamara Lichtenstein

I’m in a funk today, I know that’s a natural part of the process and I’m okay with it. I am a dreamer and it’s the dreaming that keeps me going. Sometimes I feel like I’m in my groove and tapping into my full creative potential. Other times, I feel I’ve lost my rhythm. Last night at hip hop, I definitely couldn’t find my rhythm. That said I am living my dream everyday. I have a sweet connection to my friends, my family, nature and I am exploring my creative potential everyday. I guess the bigger picture is reaching a point where you have unlimited freedom, resources and respect to explore and develop your ideas for a large audience. That is something to look forward to. The other day when I was hiking with Indie(my dog) I was watching her explore the forest, aware of every scent and sound, completely free to run wild and emanating a happiness that was so pure, she was 100% in her element. I compare that feeling to my dream of fully reaching my potential. Freedom to run wild!

My mom

Now that I’m coming down off my stress high, I’m ready to dive into relaxation. We’re off to Ojo Calliente to soak in some magical pools, explore New Mexico and celebrate my girlfriend Terry’s 30th birthday. As Terry would say, “don’t forget to bring your fun times.”

I can’t believe I haven’t posted this yet. This our most prized possession…a bed that my dad built with the help of his lovely wife Jill. My dad is an amazing artist and craftsman and with the help of Jill, an artist as well, created this masterpiece reflecting the silhouette of the Tetons. The wood is a collection of different scraps from different jobs. I am humbled in the presence of this bed.