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Some tid bits of treasure from my trip to Puerto Rico…

1. Da House in Old Town San Juan is an artsy, funky little hotel located in the heart of all the action.

2. Old Town San Juan is rich with character…narrow cobble stone streets, bright Spanish-colonial architecture and quaint little coffee shops and restaurants.

3. (Food) Majorcas, a swiss cheese sandwich covered in powered sugar, a new addiction. We were over served the most colorful and delicious sangria ever.

4. The Island of Culebra is a rustic and wild island where there is plenty of room to roam and feel removed from everything.

5. Flamenco beach was named one of the 10 ten beaches in the world. I believe it.

6. The door to our magical tree house in the rainforest.

7. El Yunque rainforest, were we lost our breath taking a dip under a waterfall.

8. One of the few houses on Culebra “the peach house”, there are no addresses here.


I have a major crush on this woman and her farm.  A rural landscape is not necessary for Annie Novak’s imagination to take over a roof top in Manhattan and fill it with veggies and bunnies.  Article found on Urban’s Blog. Photos by: Jackie Snow

I’m loving aimlessly wandering the streets of San Francisco. Sometimes, it feels good to be small and alone in a big city.

I love the clean modern look juxtaposed with vibrant color and unexpected character in these spaces. Via the Brick House.

Today I’m lucky enough to be working with a beautiful view of the snow falling. Picture found on Vain and Vapid

“Calder at home The Joyous Environment of Alexander Calder” by Pedro Guerreo via Mondoblogo.

I wouldn’t mind spending some time here…Coqui Coqui in Tulum Mexico via The Shelby

This makes me want to curl in and take the dreamiest nap ever El Cosmico