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Bark via Size too Small


Odette’s studio by: The Makers

Check out Ruche pullin’ out the big guns with their lifestyle photography.

I love the use of hats in this collection. It’s a nice counter balance to the polished feminine vibe. Steven Alan

This woman does it all…art, photography, illustration, clothing, jewelry. I love the concept for her latest jewelry collection(above). Alyson Fox


So simple and so sweet. I love the lighting and mood captured here. Rennes

I love the compliment of these photos featured with this jewelry by: Le Voyage Creatif.

I love this photography for Dear Rae Jewelry. Found on the lovely blog Size too Small.

I found this bag line Jyumoku while wandering the Mission District of San Fransisco, the epitome of independent fashion. These bags are all made from re-purposed material, good stuff all around.