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Inspired by the most visually stunning movie House of Sand. Found via 1. Toast 2. Toast 3. Vickerey 4. A Small Collection 5. Bodkin 6. Manimal


Annie Havlicek

My friend just sent me this from Design For Mankind. I’m in love, now I want to paint sticks and scatter them all over our house.

We’re at the height of summer! I feel like summer is slow and I feel present yet time is flying by. Shirt by Wiksten.

I love this picture of my husband (he’s on the right) in his crazy physics world.

I love the styling here and the model wears it so well…not too posed, comfortable, real. Standard Finery


I just finished a few comps for my business cards. Can you tell I like teepees? The picture I’m using is an original image from a teepee my mom lived in. The first image is from a picture I took with my holga camera.

Inspired by this room. Found via 1. Built by Wendy 2. Urban Revisions 3. Laura Lombardi 4. Thief and Bandit 5. Moop 6. Vickerey

I just spent a weekend in the woods with my girlfriends. I’m feeling so lucky to have such beautiful, playful, inspiring powerhouse women in my life.

Artwork by Groundwork

Brokenfab hand beaded jewelry with a punch!