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This woman does it all…art, photography, illustration, clothing, jewelry. I love the concept for her latest jewelry collection(above). Alyson Fox


She is showing us she is free. Amazing!

A beautiful insiders look at creative studios by: Jeana Sohn . This inspires me to get back to my roots of hand made jewelry and clothing and take a break from graphics and the computer.  There is a great line that my friend Courtney pointed out from the movie “Art and Copy,” it went something like this…the scariest thing about creative work is that you have no idea where and when you’ll get your ideas. I guess keeping your hands in different art forms is a good way to broaden your source of inspiration. The artists shown above are 1. Wiksten 2. Erin Considine 3. Shabd

I have a major crush on this woman and her farm.  A rural landscape is not necessary for Annie Novak’s imagination to take over a roof top in Manhattan and fill it with veggies and bunnies.  Article found on Urban’s Blog. Photos by: Jackie Snow

I love this video by The Selby, it’s a true account of living in the moment.

Until lately I didn’t know who Joan Baez was. I knew some of her songs but knew nothing about her. I just watched the documentary  How Sweet the Sound. Now I’m completely enamored. Not only is she a folk legend and a naturally stunning beauty but she was a mighty force in the civil rights movement as well as a life long human rights activist as a pacifist. Even though she lived and breathed a non-violent approach to solving conflict that didn’t stop her from putting herself smack dab in the middle of harms way to reach the people. The film was beautifully done and touched me in a way that no other movie about war or conflict ever has.

I love this video I found on Wild Horses, I even cried a little, out of happiness. It’s so sweet and real. There is something so special about spending quiet time with yourself. Dance like no one is watching, a mantra to live by.

Ira Glass, you’ve done it again. I love this video on his thoughts about creative work. He nailed it. This is a great video to watch when you’re doubting your work or just not feeling it.

I love this picture of my husband (he’s on the right) in his crazy physics world.


I just finished a few comps for my business cards. Can you tell I like teepees? The picture I’m using is an original image from a teepee my mom lived in. The first image is from a picture I took with my holga camera.