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I love the color in the color in these photos by Charles Bergquist.


Etsy Love

Tune Yards new album Who Kill is awesome, thanks B! This video from her new album is equally awesome.

I just stumbled upon THEPAIRABIRDS by: Tabitha Bianca Brown.

Don’t ya just wanna be nude all summer? I do.

I just did some photography and styling for A refreshed take on scarves.

I saw my first rattle snake in Colorado yesterday!  My girlfriend and I, tired of busy trails and leash laws went on a hunt for a new trail. We found a beautiful spot away from it all. The crazy part is, we were literally talking about rattle snakes when a few moments later, I stopped dead in my tracks with the snake 20 feet in front of us. We were able to safely skirt around it and all is well.

Etsy Love

Inspired by two wheelin’ in Idaho. Found via 1. Christopher Raebern 2. Bhalo 3. Peace 4 you 4. Need Supply 5. Stewart + Brown 6. Need Supply

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Overdyed Vintage Rugs by: Loom